SF Bay Area only – 50-4-50 special

3 12 2010

As a SF Bay Area folks only special, I’m offering a 50 minute career search, brainstorming or business development strategy session for only $50.

I bring fresh ideas, valuable new strategies, keen insights and loads of actionable advice in these sessions and would welcome the opportunity to help you plan for 2011. Maybe you just need to shake things up a bit and get an outside perspective or some new ideas about how to grow your biz or find a job you actually want? Below is what one happy client had to say:

“I recently received marketing & business consulting from Sandy at Bella Domain. Using her services for the first time, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I can truly say that I am very happy with the results of our meeting. I already have significant business experience and I am launching a new venture, but Sandy took me to places I would not have thought of. My time with Sandy was very well spent and I am in the process of working on her recommendations. She provided expert knowledge and great value. I am sure I will be working with Sandy again as my new business progresses. Thanks again Sandy.”

– Patrick

“I went to Sandy for consultation on career and business matters and got more great advice from her in two hours than most people could give in a month. Sandy is very savvy with knowing how to effectively network and use numerous digital and social media platforms to full advantage. She also gave me encouragement and suggestions in pursuing my passion for photography. I now have a beautiful website that features my photos as well as some great advice on how to market them.”

The details: I’m offering 50 minutes of focused, brainstorming or one-on-one networking strategy coaching (for job search or biz lead gen) as well as connections/introductions on a personalized and via a CASH-only or pre-paid via PayPal basis.  Email me to set up a time for a CASH-only appointment or to book a time slot via credit card/PayPal, please PAY IN ADVANCE  (non-refundable if less than 24 hours notice of cancellation, otherwise, 50% refund) – by JUST CLICKING HERE.Use PayPal - they take everything!

Please contact me directly to schedule your session,
and be sure to include your name, email, cell phone number, and your top 3 Pacific time slot choices. After you’ve paid for a slot(s) via PayPal, I will be automatically notified, but you still need to send your desired time slots and contact info asap.

Note: If you’re in the downtown San Francisco area, sessions can be held at NextSpace SF. If you’d prefer, or are in the East Bay or Valley, then we’ll chat via phone or Skype. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! p.s. Non-SF Bay Area folks should still free to call me if they’re also in need, we’ll work something out! 🙂

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To whom do I write the thank you card?

25 11 2010

As tough as things have been for most of us these past few years (we’re definitely included in this), I feel that I have so much for which to be grateful this Thanksgiving and now just need to know to whom I write the thank you card?

Between finally getting out of dreary and “frosty” Seattle, thanks to Keith (my incredibly creative and talented husband) landing an amazing opportunity at what we’re pretty certain is his dream interactive agency in San Francisco, and a healthy and happy enough circle of family and friends, I thought I had been blessed enough. However, by seriously shaking things up in our lives and shifting the energy around this year, it appears the universe is now directing some of that famous California sunshine on the many seeds I’ve planted these past few years.

So, why do I want to share some of what I have to be grateful for today? Well, beside it being Thanksgiving, and simply wanting to share my excitement over recent events, I think it is worth explaining that the type of content creation, publicity and media exposure I share below demonstrates what I can also do for my clients. It took plenty of hard, smart and efficient work, and a little bit of good fortune, but it was mainly strategy, tactics and persistent follow-up that made most of what I share below happen.

I'm at a networking event--Now What??? by Sandy Jones-KaminskiSome of the most significant sprouting is around my writing and content creation in the form of  the little seedling that is my book, “I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???” I’d say this little sprout is well on its way to becoming a nice sturdy plant and I have my incredible network of friends, family, contacts, colleagues and fans for helping me get the word out and consistently supporting my efforts in promoting my networking manifesto.  Plus, doing a few 12 Rules of Effective Networking webinars for some non-profits has brought me more good karma than I ever could have imagined and has enabled me to reach way more people than the number of folks that have attended my PIF (pay it forward) Parties to date.  I’ve seen the direct correlation between those webinars and the opportunities that have recently come my way, as well as the new Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Bella Domain Networking group members on LinkedIn, email/blog subscribers and more.

Earlier this year, I was also fortunate enough to get selected as a columnist for WomenEntrepreneur.com where recently my third article for my Networking is Connecting column was recently picked up by FoxNews.com (of all places).  Then, within a few days of that happening, and thanks to a Google alert, I found out that my book was in the #1 spot on the Inc.com 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for business books! Whah?? Such a gift! And with any luck, I’ll soon get to break-even with my publisher, Mitchell Levy of Happy About!

(Soon after the above we noticed that my book was finally ranked less than 100K on Amazon again and was ranked #44,867! It had been in the coveted less-than-100K rank soon after it was released, about a year ago this month.)

Lastly, after spotting the Inc.com recognition, and a few days of jumping up and down with excitement, yesterday, I learned (thanks to another Google alert) that, most likely due to all the activity around these things, I was the featured columnist on the WomenEntrepreneur.com home page (see below)! Sweet!

Now, to whom do you think I should write the thank you card?? Kind of a hard call isn’t it? 😉 Happy Thanksgiving all and please let me know if there is anything I can help YOU be thankful for by next Turkey Day!

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Learning to Love LinkedIn Tip #9

8 10 2010

If you’re a business owner (big or small), and didn’t know you could create a Company Profile on LinkedIn, I’m here to tell you you can and it’s time! You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 or even Inc. 500 company to have a profile there. They’ve made it easy for all businesses to do so as long as you have an email that corresponds to your business name (this is important for authentication). You can add a description of your business, headquarters location, website, Twitter name, specialties and more. Here’s the straight scoop from LinkedIn’s help section:

How do I add a Company Profile on LinkedIn?

Only current employees are eligible to create a company profile. In order to create a Company Profile, you would need to provide a registered, company-owned email domain. This unique domain name would appear in all company employee email addresses following the “@” symbol (e.g., tsmith@companyname.com). Common email domains such as yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com or others cannot be used in the creation process of a Company Profile because they are not unique to an individual company. The requirement of a unique domain name also supports an authentication process built into the feature that allows authenticated company employees to edit the Company Profile information in order to keep it current.

If you have a registered, company-owned email domain, you can add a Company Profile by taking the following steps:

  1. Click on “Companies” found under “More” in the top navigation bar of your home page.
  2. Click on the “Add a Company” link found in the upper right area of the page.
  3. Type in your company’s official name and your email address at the company on the “Company Name and Email” page. If your email address is already tied to an email domain for an existing Company Profile, you will be prompted to click on the existing Company name to edit the Profile.
  4. If your company email address is not a confirmed email address on your LinkedIn account, a confirmation email will be sent to the company email address. The email text will give you a link to log in to your LinkedIn account. Be sure to log in to LinkedIn with your current primary email address. This will confirm your email address and add the email address to your account.
  5. If your email address is confirmed, you will be taken to the “Create a Company” page that will allow you to enter information about your company.
  6. Click on “Create a Company” once you have completed the required fields.

If you do not have a registered company owned email address to create a Company Profile you may still create a group to promote your business.

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Learning to Love LinkedIn Tip #7

21 06 2010

Maybe it’s the many years I spent in market research and/or business intelligence that made me so data driven, but I rarely react to anything without doing some research first.

Where do I start? I use LinkedIn to conduct research on almost everything and everyone. Whether it’s a new prospective client, someone I met at a networking event, a highly recommended recruiter, a company I never heard of, or a potential new hiring manager, my go-to place is more often than not LinkedIn. Sure you can Google folks or companies as well, but I save a lot of time, and gain many more insights, by going to LinkedIn first.

I even use LinkedIn’s Answers feature to search for information/answers on topics I am already curious about because in many cases the question and corresponding answers are already in there.

LinkedIn Answers Search box on BellaDomain.comAnd yes, you’ll usually have to sort through plenty of thinly disguised self-promotional answers (I always prefer when people just admit doing this), but you will find some intelligent responses from all types of experts on LinkedIn, and it’s definitely worth your time to do a quick search there.

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Learn to Love LinkedIn Tip #4

14 05 2010

As a marketer, executive, sales type or talent acquisition pro, it’s always important to know your competition. Well, the same thing applies to your job search.

How can you do easily do this? Start “following” the company of your dreams on LinkedIn (they need to have created a Company Profile though), and then, if you do receive that dreaded phone call or email from your point of contact informing you that, “They went in another direction,” or “You weren’t viewed as an ideal fit,” or “We’re putting the position on hold,” just head on over to LinkedIn in the next week or so and see who they hired instead.

Why do this to yourself? Because you can use this type of intel to identify the skills you may be lacking, and can then go develop them (take a class, volunteer to work for free to learn, etc.), or, if you want to look for different position within the same company, you can even learn more about the types of folks they view as ideal for their culture.

Above is a screen shot of what I now see in my Network Activity feed on LinkedIn as a result of following a few of my “worth following” companies with profiles. Have fun with this handy new feature!

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Proud to say…

9 04 2008

I’m proud to say that this list describes me pretty darn well…too bad the opportunity that corresponds to it is in SoCal….sorry John!

  • Seasoned business professional with a solid grounding in marketing, sales, business development, partnerships, negotiations, strategy, problem solving and business intelligence with a minimum of 10 years of client relationship management experience.
  • Entrepreneurial: Highly motivated, imaginative, and resourceful; a self-starter.
  • Aggressive: Embraces challenge; a reasoned risk-taker.
  • Highly-Confident: A persona developed over time by consistent over-achievement. This attribute reflects the substance of the individual that attracts the trust of both client and colleague versus any sense of arrogance.
  • Highly-Competent: An expert in relationship management with a core competency of marketing; intelligently effective cross marketer of other products.
  • Flexible; Intellectually curious
  • Committed: Energized and energizing.
  • Ability to identify a qualified client’s needs and introduce the appropriate supporting professional(s) to address the situation.
  • Knowledge of marketing disciplines and tactics including social media, interactive/online, traditional, affiliates and co-op.
  • Ability to set and meet corporate and new business objectives.
  • A working knowledge of local markets.
  • Excellent communications skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • An ambitious and fairly competitive individual who thrives in a team environment.
  • High personal standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Superior business development skills.

learn from those that have gone before you

9 01 2008

Was working with my pal Stan at Sbux yesterday when he shared that a friend/new acquaintance of his is working on Divvy here in Seattle. The site’s just a landing page right now, but since I’d heard about the concept for the site when I was doing some biz dev strategy contract work with Paladin Partners this summer, I was intrigued to hear what they were up to at this point.

He shared that one of the challenges currently being researched involved how they’ll deal with damage to items that get borrowed or shared. I thought for a minute and then offered that they should look at and/or contact another local Seattle start-up called Bag, Borrow or Steal to see what they’ve learned about it.

One of the really great things about the Seattle startup scene is that people are fairly willing to share lessons learned and such. Hope Stan passes my suggestion onto his contact at Divvy and that anyone else reading this thinks about reaching out to those that have gone before you too.