To whom do I write the thank you card?

25 11 2010

As tough as things have been for most of us these past few years (we’re definitely included in this), I feel that I have so much for which to be grateful this Thanksgiving and now just need to know to whom I write the thank you card?

Between finally getting out of dreary and “frosty” Seattle, thanks to Keith (my incredibly creative and talented husband) landing an amazing opportunity at what we’re pretty certain is his dream interactive agency in San Francisco, and a healthy and happy enough circle of family and friends, I thought I had been blessed enough. However, by seriously shaking things up in our lives and shifting the energy around this year, it appears the universe is now directing some of that famous California sunshine on the many seeds I’ve planted these past few years.

So, why do I want to share some of what I have to be grateful for today? Well, beside it being Thanksgiving, and simply wanting to share my excitement over recent events, I think it is worth explaining that the type of content creation, publicity and media exposure I share below demonstrates what I can also do for my clients. It took plenty of hard, smart and efficient work, and a little bit of good fortune, but it was mainly strategy, tactics and persistent follow-up that made most of what I share below happen.

I'm at a networking event--Now What??? by Sandy Jones-KaminskiSome of the most significant sprouting is around my writing and content creation in the form of  the little seedling that is my book, “I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???” I’d say this little sprout is well on its way to becoming a nice sturdy plant and I have my incredible network of friends, family, contacts, colleagues and fans for helping me get the word out and consistently supporting my efforts in promoting my networking manifesto.  Plus, doing a few 12 Rules of Effective Networking webinars for some non-profits has brought me more good karma than I ever could have imagined and has enabled me to reach way more people than the number of folks that have attended my PIF (pay it forward) Parties to date.  I’ve seen the direct correlation between those webinars and the opportunities that have recently come my way, as well as the new Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Bella Domain Networking group members on LinkedIn, email/blog subscribers and more.

Earlier this year, I was also fortunate enough to get selected as a columnist for where recently my third article for my Networking is Connecting column was recently picked up by (of all places).  Then, within a few days of that happening, and thanks to a Google alert, I found out that my book was in the #1 spot on the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for business books! Whah?? Such a gift! And with any luck, I’ll soon get to break-even with my publisher, Mitchell Levy of Happy About!

(Soon after the above we noticed that my book was finally ranked less than 100K on Amazon again and was ranked #44,867! It had been in the coveted less-than-100K rank soon after it was released, about a year ago this month.)

Lastly, after spotting the recognition, and a few days of jumping up and down with excitement, yesterday, I learned (thanks to another Google alert) that, most likely due to all the activity around these things, I was the featured columnist on the home page (see below)! Sweet!

Now, to whom do you think I should write the thank you card?? Kind of a hard call isn’t it? 😉 Happy Thanksgiving all and please let me know if there is anything I can help YOU be thankful for by next Turkey Day!

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Be the change…

12 06 2009

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” I keep thinking about this great quote from Mahatma Ghandi because of the unexpected, but definitely welcome,  attention my on hiatus Pay It Forward (PIF) parties have received this past week.pif_logo1

Like many of you, I typically see Ghandi’s brilliant piece of wisdom in email signatures or on Facebook pages at least once a week. And, while I couldn’t agree with it more, I realize that it’s sometimes much easier to complain than effect a change.  What I recognized in the now two instances of interest in PIF parties, however, was the overwhelming desire to do things a little differently in the networking arena and these people actually doing something about it.

One woman in NJ reached out because she is “in transition” (btw, wish we could all agree that this euphemism for “looking for your next thing” is a dated term and should probably disappear from job search vernacular), and wanted to find a creative way to get access to my How to Have a PIF Party book without spending any serious cash.  Her intention is to host a few of her own PIF parties, and her creative, but not doable “ask” motivated me to be very pay-it-forward minded and suggest a compromise. She’s now sending me a check for just the shipping and handling and I’m happily sending her a slightly less-than-perfect proof copy of the booklet.

The other instance came from a woman that I was introduced to through a mutual contact. When we met over coffee a few weeks ago it turned out she had purchased the booklet already (thank you Melissa!), and wanted to pick my brain about hosting her own PIF party. Well, I willingly obliged and she just sent me an invite to the PIF mixer she’s hosting on Seattle’s eastside later this month for a whole bunch of her contacts. Sweet!

BTW, this activity points to success as I’d define it regarding my experiment with hosting PIF parties at the end of ’07 and throughout ’08.  My hope was that I’d ultimately receive an invitation to at least one other PIF party hosted by someone following my example, and better late than never, right? 🙂

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Seattle Freeze stuff

1 04 2008

Before we even moved to Seattle back in Nov of 2005, a few people in Chicago asked me about the subject of the Seattle Freeze, and since I’ve lived here, loads of the folks I meet still do. They usually ask about my personal experience with it, so I have decided to share the following email from a new friend and concerned long-time Seattleite.

She was right….I found these articles and comments very interesting indeed, and am now sending these links out the same way I occasionally send out the link to the Business 2.0 article about LinkedIn from Feb 07 that mentions (or I should say cautions against) promiscuous linking/linkers. Please feel free to share these with some of the baffled people you encounter as well. Anti-freezers unite!

Here is the link to the story on Seattle (N)ice that I was mentioning. My old neighbor was Jodi O’Brien from Seattle U, quoted in the article. You are right that the best and correct phrase is Seattle freeze…I guess I have been saying ice because I remembered the title of the article. Anyway, here it is – this is from the Seattle Times / Pacific Magazine in Feb. 2005.

Here also are some reader reactions to the story, and another (older) story in the same vein. Just thought these were interesting and wanted to pass them along.


Also received this link to a YouTube video on the topic.  Is it all attributable to the “season(al) affective disorder” or tech culture dominance? You decide. Then I stumbled upon this freeze mention from the editor at Xconomy Seattle last summer.  I wonder if he’ll have more to say on the freeze topic come this July?

Another update from 2010: Oh, its real all right!