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1 04 2008

Before we even moved to Seattle back in Nov of 2005, a few people in Chicago asked me about the subject of the Seattle Freeze, and since I’ve lived here, loads of the folks I meet still do. They usually ask about my personal experience with it, so I have decided to share the following email from a new friend and concerned long-time Seattleite.

She was right….I found these articles and comments very interesting indeed, and am now sending these links out the same way I occasionally send out the link to the Business 2.0 article about LinkedIn from Feb 07 that mentions (or I should say cautions against) promiscuous linking/linkers. Please feel free to share these with some of the baffled people you encounter as well. Anti-freezers unite!

Here is the link to the story on Seattle (N)ice that I was mentioning. My old neighbor was Jodi O’Brien from Seattle U, quoted in the article. You are right that the best and correct phrase is Seattle freeze…I guess I have been saying ice because I remembered the title of the article. Anyway, here it is – this is from the Seattle Times / Pacific Magazine in Feb. 2005.

Here also are some reader reactions to the story, and another (older) story in the same vein. Just thought these were interesting and wanted to pass them along.


Also received this link to a YouTube video on the topic.  Is it all attributable to the “season(al) affective disorder” or tech culture dominance? You decide. Then I stumbled upon this freeze mention from the editor at Xconomy Seattle last summer.  I wonder if he’ll have more to say on the freeze topic come this July?

Another update from 2010: Oh, its real all right!



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