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November 2010
Sandy presented an excellent webinar on the “12 Rules of Effective Networking” for WITI (Women In Technology International).  Her book “I’m at a Networking Event – Now What???” was just ranked #1 on Inc.com’s 2010 Holiday Business Book Gift Guide, and based upon her webinar, I can understand why.  She covered all aspects of networking, from how to prepare to how to follow-up.  Congratulations Sandy on your book and your excellent webinar!  For anyone who needs to learn how to network more effectively or just needs to polish up their skills, she is a great resource.
Kathy Hill
Women In Technology International

October 2010
I had the pleasure to gain Sandy’s insight on business development of my company Vinoetic Inc. Sandy brings a generous spirit in her approach, both in sharing relevant information, perspective and her undeniable desire to see her clients succeed. Sandy’s background in brand development and especially her experience in market research of consumer data presented her as an ideal sounding board for Vinoetic. Sandy quickly captured the essence of Vinoetic via targeted and educated questions. Even more impressive was her ability to grasp our company’s long-term vision. She helped us shape our key messages to our clients in a way that spoke genuinely about who we are and why we do what we do. I recommend her work and look forward to utilizing her enthusiastic talents in the future.
Todd Nagle, CEO

June 2010
Sandy’s not comfortable with the title, “Guru” – but that’s exactly what she is… A networking GURU, with the moxie and insights to truly help people improve their networking skills. Sandy’s straightforward approach is a breath of fresh air, as it lets both her and anyone she’s consulting get to the heart of the matter and start solving problems. Sandy recently spoke with my networking group, and everyone left smarter than when they arrived.
Kelly Evans, Founder
One Connection Away

I attended a One Connection Away event and Sandy was the guest speaker back in July.  I really liked her – she was fantastic and so knowledgeable!!
– Louise

April 2010
Sandy, thanks for speaking at our expanded toast in April. You have great energy and are very personable. Hope to work with you again soon!
Thanks again,
Gabriella Buono
Director of Small Business Programs & Events at Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce

March 2010
Our first networking workshop was last week (the 2nd) and it was a success. Our primary goal was to provide people with tools for effective networking and that happened to a very enjoyable degree. Sandy Jones-Kaminski did a terrific job talking about how to start conversations effectively and de-mythologizing the whole networking process. She created a bookmark that has, what she refers to, as “Four Myths of Networking” which she shared with us. She then gave her audience some really useful phrases that can be for starting conversations. Those conversations then often lead to developing useful relationships; relationships where both sides have a sense of how they can help the other person.
Steve Paul
Notes from the Job Search

Sandy delivered an outstanding presentation for our college students on using Linked In for networking and job searches. She excels at targeting her material and engaging her audience with valuable insights and useful information. She is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her as your next speaker.
Karrie McCracken
Seattle Pacific University

Feb 2010
Sandy provided an outstanding presentation on Networking at the Roche Palo Alto Career Transition Center. She was engaging and high energy but most of all afterwards people kept saying, “now I can do this.” She gave very specific examples that allowed people to walk out and try what she suggested. She brought it to a very personal level and allowed people to lose their fear of networking!
Rebecca Kieler
hired Sandy as a Training/presentation in 2010

Patricia here, I met you Wednesday evening at the event in Cupertino. I appreciated your talk and your feedback. I have read your book and am committed to starting proactive networking.

During the networking session, you wisely (and gently) pointed out that I needed to get clear on my goals. It basically hit me right between the eyes! I have been flirting with finding a new role for a year, and haven’t been clear.

You asked for an answer about what I was looking for – the answer is a “Program Management role.” I will work to fill in some details, and get my communications in line with that goal. Thank you for sharing your expertise and getting me focused.
All the best,
Patricia D.

November 2008
Sandy provided our Columbia Hospitality sales directors with training in LinkedIn. She was extremely helpful in explaining and demonstrating various ways LinkedIn can help our sales team find appropriate business connections. She also provided the training with an uplifting tone that kept everyone engaged and excited about learning. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Shelley Tomberg
VP Sales and Marketing
Columbia Hospitality

October 2008
Sandy works at great length to understand the context of her engagement — the business model, history, competitors, technology, etc., which helps her be more effective in her work. During her work at Jobster, she was great at representing our organization while reaching out to potential partners, establishing many new relationships, and mending any past relationships that may have gone sour. Sandy was responsible for forging many of the successful partnerships we have today. I’d happily work with Sandy again given the opportunity.
Jeff Dixon
VP of Product Development
Jobster Inc./Recruiting.com

June 2008
Sandy is a creative professional who is very knowledgeable and committed to her profession. Her expertise and guidance has helped me on many different levels.
Victor Pascual
Graphic designer, GA Creative

January 2008
Great (PIF) event…you really do outdo the norms of building community.
Stan Wagner
IT & Marketing Professional

April 2007
Sandy has an amazing ability to develop business channels, viable leads and growth strategies. Sandy, through Bella Domain, provided valuable direction to my company in developing a growth strategy and selecting tactics to implement that strategy. I highly recommend Sandy to businesses looking to grow.
Jeanette Nyden
J. Nyden & Associates

October 2006
Sandy is a phenomenal networker; creating mutually-beneficial strategic alliances and relationships across companies and channels. Her drive, business savvy, and ability to deliver results is unparalleled.
Kendra Fuller
Director of Human Resources
formerly with Catalysis Corporation

August 2006
Sandy was known at TriNet as the person who could get things done. I often went to her for advice. She’s the kind of person who will be successful in whatever she does.
Yvonne Saucedo
VP, Human Resources,
Claria Corporation

May 2006
Sandy has been working with us on a new channel project here at PayScale and done a great job of helping us to define and begin penetrating into the PEO and HR Consulting segments.
Mike Metzger
PayScale, Inc.

October 2005
I had the privilege of working with Sandy at TriNet for three years. She is a consumate marketing and business development professional with great focus on the end result. Sandy is very skilled at making connections, building relationships and maximizing opportunities.
Barbara Bevilacqua
Managing Director
TriNet, Inc.

September 2005
At TriNet, Sandy worked above and beyond by showing boundless energy and a certain knack for getting connections made and things to happen. She’d be a powerful addition to your team.
John Bobincheck
Director of Marketing
formerly with TriNet, Inc.

September 2005
I am so excited about the Crain’s piece and I am sure it is because you were so proactive with them and in my mind it is because of you that we’re there so I thank you immensely! Great, good work! So glad you’re on our team!
Virginia K. Lionberger
Owner Mane Event, LLC

February 2005
Thank you so much for your time yesterday. I cannot tell you how
valuable your information was to me. I am looking at my schedule to
see when I can start my group, and I am more motivated now.
Thank You.
Ariel “Art” Goodman
Mortgage Advisor
HomeStart Mortgage

May 2004
Sandy was instrumental in connecting us with Stedman Graham for our first full day conference celebrating International Women’s Day. Mr. Graham was an inspirational part of our message that day. Sandy’s hard work to negotiate his participation and coordinate all communication made this portion of the conference effortless and a great success. [Sandy also came up with the name “Passport” for the now annual event.]
Anne McLain
Passport 2004 Chair

March 2004
Sandy has done a great job at DI, she’s generated a lot of business development activity and created some high profile relationships. We’re lucky to have her.
Joe Born, co-founder
Digital Innovations, LLC

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