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Pay It Forward Parties (There was a super-sized PIF Party in Seattle on Nov 19, 2009, please read THIS GREAT WRITE UP of the event or watch the video below.

Contact me if you’d like to learn more or engage me to help you plan and facilitate YOUR OWN version of a PIF Party!

I’m available for public appearances at Pay It Forward-style networking events. If you’re ready and willing to pay all travel expenses, I will be happy to co-host a Pay It Forward event with you or your group for a speaker’s fee and when a minimum of 25 copies of  “I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???” book are purchased from me or my publisher in advance (50 books for east of the Mississippi events).

Note:  The recommendation from said publisher is that books are purchased at least 3 weeks in advance for the target number of attendees, and then each attendee receives a copy of the book for attending (usually with a minimum $20-$25 per person or more admission fee). Volume discounts for orders placed with the publisher (Happy About) are listed below:

10-99 15% $16.96
100-499 20% $15.96
500+ 25% $14.96

Contact: questions@happyabout.info
Email SandyJK/Bella Domain
Publisher needs 3 weeks to ship books.

What’s a Bella Domain PIF Party?

It’s a party where you pay it forward

I have often been frustrated with the outcomes of and behaviors at many of the networking events I attend. In Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, Mountain View, and now Seattle, I frequently witness behaviors from the old “I’m talking to you, but try not to notice my eyes scanning every other person’s nametag that walks by please,” to the “So, Sandy what’s Bella Domain?” And then their eyes glazing over because I don’t immediately appear to be a prospect for them.

Well, I recognized that there had to be a better way to make and cultivate quality connections, so I started having what have become known as “PIF Parties.” I was inspired by approaches from some similar concepts, and then chose to give it a name that most people recognize as being focused on helping others either with or without their knowledge.  PIF means to for pay it forward, and at PIF Parties, that’s what people do.

The general theme of the event is that each guest comes to the PIF party with the intention of helping others first. And, as can be expected, each person leaves feeling good about having helped others as well as the help they themselves may have received.

The help could be personal (need a tip on a car camping location near water) or professional (want to find a mentor outside of your company, need some new employees or job) or spiritual (looking for a yoga studio in Ballard).

If you’re curious about just how much good comes from these events, since I began hosting PIF parties back in November 2007, loads of great PIF stories have been shared. A few outcomes have included:

  • New business opportunities created
  • Job candidates recruited
  • Elusive introductions made
  • Deals closed
  • Re-connections to long lost contacts
  • Jobs found
  • New subscribers to blogs
  • Doctor referrals
  • Learning (Facebook and Twitter explained)
  • Volunteers recruited
  • Cleaning services found
  • And even a few dates for some single people.

Learn more about PIF Parties in this video:

Host venue opportunities:
Do you have a facility you’d like to showcase to fellow Pay It Forward Party types? Venue host opportunities are available for most Pay It Forward parties. These events can be the perfect opportunity to show-off your venue and hospitality to loads of potential customers. Contact Sandy Jones-Kaminski at 415.613.8508 for more information.

Appetizers and drink specials should be made available for these special events, but hosts are usually open to other suggestions.

Want to identify yourself as a Pay It Forward Party person? CLICK HERE to see the PIF gallery on Zazzle.

UPDATE:  You can also learn how to have your own PIF Party by buying, “I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???” which includes a Bonus Chapter explaining exactly how to have one. 🙂 NowWhatBook_Cover

You can now order this book buy clicking the button below:


“This is a great book for learning how to network properly! I love the pay-it-forward approach where I’m in it to help others! I highly recommend it for building your relationship skills.” – Flora

Please complete the form below to invite me (Sandy Jones-Kaminski) to join you at an upcoming networking event or a Pay It Forward Party of your own.

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