Learning to Love LinkedIn Tip #8

9 07 2010

When I worked on-site in a business and market development role for a client in 2008 I had 2 monitors on my desk. The first had Outlook and a browser open with tabs for Salesforce.com, Gmail, and whatever else I was focused on at the time. The other monitor had another open browser with a tab open to LinkedIn all day, every day.

I used LinkedIn to prepare for every conference or cold call I had or made, and just as often I used it to look up someone that had called me, or because I can type with more than two fingers, even as they were calling me if their name came up in the caller ID window.

I saved time and acquired knowledge by doing this, and since time is money and knowledge is power, I highly recommend using LinkedIn to research prospective clients, company executives, vendor reps, folks involved in the hiring process for your next dream job or the people that might be sitting in on your agency’s next pitch meeting.

More often than not, you can get the names of these folks in advance because the person that has invited you wants the meeting to be as successful as possible for all parties involved, so they’ll usually send that info along if you ask for it. Sometimes, if the person setting the meeting or call is truly invested in you or your company’s solution, they will just offer this info up, but other times they wait for YOU to ASK, and if you don’t, it will become a little black mark next to your name or the company you represent. Seriously.

Clearly, doing this type of research (homework!) gives you an edge and enables you to find common ground with an individual or even potential areas of similar interest or future collaboration. And, yes, I even look up new Twitter followers (@sandyjk) via LinkedIn. 🙂

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Learning to Love LinkedIn Tip #7

21 06 2010

Maybe it’s the many years I spent in market research and/or business intelligence that made me so data driven, but I rarely react to anything without doing some research first.

Where do I start? I use LinkedIn to conduct research on almost everything and everyone. Whether it’s a new prospective client, someone I met at a networking event, a highly recommended recruiter, a company I never heard of, or a potential new hiring manager, my go-to place is more often than not LinkedIn. Sure you can Google folks or companies as well, but I save a lot of time, and gain many more insights, by going to LinkedIn first.

I even use LinkedIn’s Answers feature to search for information/answers on topics I am already curious about because in many cases the question and corresponding answers are already in there.

LinkedIn Answers Search box on BellaDomain.comAnd yes, you’ll usually have to sort through plenty of thinly disguised self-promotional answers (I always prefer when people just admit doing this), but you will find some intelligent responses from all types of experts on LinkedIn, and it’s definitely worth your time to do a quick search there.

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Please pick my brain…for a fee!

12 05 2010

For the next 6 weeks, and for 2 days out of each week, I’m offering friends of friends and/or my Seattle contacts a 50 minute career search or biz dev strategy session for only $50.


Why 50-4-50? Because over the past (almost) 5 years, as many of your know, or have personally experienced, I have acquired a considerable amount of social capital in, and knowledge of the Puget Sound market. So, for a few personal as well as professional reasons, I want to share what I can with those that need it before July 1st.

And, just in case you need further convincing of the value I can offer, below you’ll find what a few people have had to say:

“Sandy is generous, outgoing and incredibly knowledgeable about social networking and tackling the ever-challenging job search. After a one hour of meeting with her, I was left with tons of fabulous job search ideas, networking tips of the trade, and a list of new groups and forums that I had not uncovered on my own despite months of searching. Sandy gave me the extra motivation and knowledge I needed to hit the ground running.”

Service Category: Career Coach, Networking Strategist

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Jennifer Deakin Noseworthy, Product Marketer (for hire)

“As a new professional in Seattle, Sandy has been an incredible resource in connecting me to the right business partners based on my needs. She has an uncanny ability to quickly assess situations and effectively come up with smart strategic solutions. I recommend her as a great asset to any organization.”

Julie Goldthwait, VP of Marketing, Recruiting.com (fka Jobster)

I’m only offering this coaching on Tuesdays (in Seattle) and Thursdays (on Mercer Island) during the weeks of May 17 through June 25 only and will provide 50 minutes of focused, one-on-one networking strategy coaching (for job search or biz lead gen) as well as connections/introductions on a personalized and pre-paid via PayPal only basis (they take all credit cards – link below).

To insure you get your preferred slot, please PAY IN ADVANCE via PayPal (non-refundable if less than 24 hours notice of cancellation, otherwise, 50% refund) – by JUST CLICKING HERE.

After you’ve paid for your slot, please contact Emma at pifparty@gmail.com to schedule your session. Be sure to include your name, email, cell phone number, and your top 3 time slot choices from the list below.

Lastly, if you’ve ever rec’d coaching or advice from me in the past for free, please consider doing a pay-it-forward and share this offer with anyone you think could benefit from 50 minutes of my insights and access to my brain matter. :) Thanks for your support!

Slots are available: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Please indicate your top 3 time slot choices from the following list:

  • Morning: 8:00, 9:00, 10:00
  • Afternoon: 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00
  • Evening: 5:00, 6:00

Not in Seattle? Remote consults are available for $75…again, pre-pay via PayPal (see link above) and then contact Emma (pifparty@gmail.com) to schedule your one-on-one conference call.

Sandy p.s. More testimonials can be found HERE.

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A blessing from LinkedIn

1 08 2008

A blessing from LinkedIn goes a long way with me, and after reading a press release from Passitto announcing their integration with the powerhouse professional networking site, I found myself on a half hour long research path today. Lots to say about this concept (love it!), but I thought this comment on Mashable was particularly worth sharing:

“….I know a lot of people who would love it if I were to connect them with other business providers I know. I usually don’t do this because it takes too long to make this type of connection. It looks like Passitto may make this process easier, allowing me to get brownie points with my customers for helping them find other business providers. I don’t know of any other website that does this yet.”

One of the other things I found interesting is that Passitto was co-founded by an attorney that often found himself in the position of referring clients to other specialists when their need went beyond his practice focus or if his load was just too heavy.  Both are things I can relate to, but the comment above was something I just never thought much about.  Simply not having time to make a proper introduction or quality connection has to be a major reason why so many referrals just don’t happen.  Lack of time is an all too familiar complaint these days and a quality tool that can help facilitate connections and referrals is a welcome addition to my toolkit.

The other reason I’m intrigued is because on the company’s blog I even found a reference to social capital in this paragraph by the CEO and other co-founder:

“When exchanging referrals within a tight-knit group of business contacts, you may decide you won’t require those members to bid credits upon your referrals. One possible reason is you are probably acquaintances and familiar with these other members, and your incentive for providing these referrals is to receive reciprocal referrals in exchange. You know these people. You provide them referrals, they give them back to you, and everything is great. You gain some social capital in addition to reciprocal referrals.”

My goal is to explore Passitto within the next week and see if it’s worth my time and a LinkedIn import, and if it is, start looking for referrals from me within the system soon!

Find yourself a coach

25 06 2008

While it’s no secret that I do quite a bit of informal career and life coaching (a friend recently said she referred someone to me saying I was “the best cheerleader in the world” – wow!), I am not a coach and don’t want to play one on TV. I am, however, as another friend said, “A passion hunter.”

My focus is on identifying people that are seriously passionate about their vision (whatever it may be), and then I help them develop execution strategies to realize what’s possible. My mantra is always, “Go figure out what it is YOU want and then come see me so I can help you figure out HOW to get it.” I truly like being on that side of things best. When I’m doing that, I’m in the zone. This can mean only good things for you and what you want.

So, if you need help finding a coach, you can ask me because I do know one or two really good ones (or, heck, come meet one at a PIF party), but if you’d like a bigger selection to choose from, check out this site for assistance. You’ll find every class of coach and they’re apparently all pre-screened and somehow vetted. They even offer coaches for people with ADD/ADHD. Hmmmm…in this day of too many gadgets, I know quite a few people that could REALLY use one of those! 😉