Video montage Nov 19 PIF event

30 11 2009

Check out the video we just got up on YouTube and please share it w/your peeps! Thanks to Keith, Geoff, Marc, Kendra, Julia and Karin for the great giggle (watch – you’ll see).

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Way to Pay It Forward People!

23 11 2009

What a way to Pay It Forward people! Over 80 positive karma creators showed up at The Local Vine Thursday night to contribute to the network effect created when a group of well-intentioned people gather to create some good karma and actually offer help to each other first.

I owe some serious gratitude to Karin Zabel, the new head of the networking team at the PSAMA (she took over for me in Aug), for being the brain child behind combing the forces of PIF Parties with the reach of the Seattle-area American Marketing Association. Thanks again Karin! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for other opportunities to co-host similar PIF-style events during the months to come.Sunflower Cupcakes courtesy of Bella Domain

And, while we did manage to sell a few copies of my new book (I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???), the real “win” of the evening was hearing the constant hum of the group learning what other people were working on and what kind of help they needed right now.

All I can think is, what a great way to go into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and even found these Seven Tips for Networking Through the Holidays from Keith Ferrazzi as a great reminder for us all. Happy Turkey Day!! 🙂

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I’m definitely on hire ground this week!

17 11 2009

The word “hire” in this blog post title is not a typo. Over the weekend, I learned that I’m featured online in the NWJobs Blog

Click to read the article

named “Hire Ground” as a result of being interviewed by Randy Woods in October. If you’re curious, you can read the article titled, Helping job seekers by ‘paying it foward’ here, which is primarily about the upcoming PSAMA PIF Party on Nov 19. Not only did Randy do a great job explaining what the upcoming PIF event is about, he also accurately nailed my motivations for creating PIF Parties in the first place. So, yes, I’m feeling like I’m on higher ground this week thanks to him. BIG thanks for the lift Randy!


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