Five attributes of an ideal connection

25 01 2011

As a follow-up to my recent blog post titled, “How NOT to network in 2011,” I knew I had to share this smart post from John Sumser on’s blog. He’s talking about recommendations for a job, but this applies to everything. The link is at the end of this and here’s what motivated me to re-post this:

A connection who doesn’t have all five of the following attributes can’t be helpful. A good person for a recommendation must:

* Know someone who has jobs and the authority to fill them;
* Be credible with that person;
* Be able to pledge her credibility on your ability to do the job;
* Know you well enough to bet her reputation on you; and,
* Believe that your behavior will reflect positively on her.

Referrals in actionAs John notes, “That’s a tall order,” so do think carefully about who and how you ask for recommendations, references or referrals going forward.

Here’s the link to the Glassdoor’s blog post.

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One response

30 01 2011

It was great meeting you at She’s Geeky! Thanks for your help on brainstorming what my next step could be and melding my interests into what has potential to be a business.

I’ve been reading some of your posts, they are great! Networking can be such a foreign activity for Engineers that the advice given in your posts is very helpful.

I’ll have to buy your book on Kindle!

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