Engage Online and Off

23 08 2010

Keeping up with the rise of social media, both personally as well as professionally, has clearly created stress for some people, but for many of us it has created loads of new consulting and job opportunities that never even existed before.

For example, a whole new category of jobs under the umbrella of social media has started to appear on most of the job boards out there

Social Media salaries on simplyhired

simplyhired's social media salaries page

and thanks to Mashable I found a timely post that describes ways to find employment and then shine as a Social Community Manager. I’m sharing it here because a favorite topic and activity of mine is encouraged in one of the 10 tips:

8. Engage Online and Off

Though online community is important, connecting with people in-person will help strengthen the relationships you build, Zack from Howcast said. Go to the places where community managers come to exchange ideas and network. “Don’t discount the real-life community,” she said. “Find your tweetups and where people with your interests are meeting in real life.”

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