Learning to Love LinkedIn Tip #6

10 06 2010

If you haven’t set up a PUBLIC profile on LinkedIn, it’s time. And since the system generates a random URL for your profile, you definitely want to change it to something more coherent as well as search engine optimized.  For example, mine is http://www.linkedin.com/in/sandyjk Yes, I probably should have used sandyjoneskaminski, but it just looked silly and a tad too long.

To edit the URL of your LinkedIn profile look under Settings and then on the left for Public Profile.  Click there and add your name in the URL box customize it and improve the Google rankings of your profile when people search for your name.

NOTE: Your custom URL needs to contain 5 – 30 alphanumeric characters, and don’t use spaces, symbols, or special characters.

Remember to include your public profile URL in your email signature, on your blog, business card or web site, and anywhere else it might be appropriate. Lots of people even use the LinkedIn URL in lieu of a web site URL when commenting on blogs and elsewhere.

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