Study shares 6 essential skills for a strong professional network

20 05 2010

Are you building the 6 essential skills associated with having a strong professional network?

In my book,“I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???”, I site a study that comes from the folks at Upwardly Mobile Inc. and the Graziadio School of Business Management at Pepperdine University. They conducted a study on the habits of what they call, “elite networkers” and their behaviors as they relate to networking in general.

The 6 skills they identified are:

1.    Maintain ongoing contact with key network members
2.    Proactively build relationships with mentors and advisors
3.    Identify, research and add new connections to your network
4.    Get meaningful introductions to key contacts important to your career success
5.    Proactively create connections within your network
6.    Evolve relationships from “contacts” into close connections

Couldn’t agree more with this list and encourage all to aspire to be mindful of these behaviors every single day. Please share this list with others too! 🙂

Download the effective networker study HERE.

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