Learn to Love LinkedIn Tip #4

14 05 2010

As a marketer, executive, sales type or talent acquisition pro, it’s always important to know your competition. Well, the same thing applies to your job search.

How can you do easily do this? Start “following” the company of your dreams on LinkedIn (they need to have created a Company Profile though), and then, if you do receive that dreaded phone call or email from your point of contact informing you that, “They went in another direction,” or “You weren’t viewed as an ideal fit,” or “We’re putting the position on hold,” just head on over to LinkedIn in the next week or so and see who they hired instead.

Why do this to yourself? Because you can use this type of intel to identify the skills you may be lacking, and can then go develop them (take a class, volunteer to work for free to learn, etc.), or, if you want to look for different position within the same company, you can even learn more about the types of folks they view as ideal for their culture.

Above is a screen shot of what I now see in my Network Activity feed on LinkedIn as a result of following a few of my “worth following” companies with profiles. Have fun with this handy new feature!

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