No more old school thinking about job hopping

11 05 2010

I share this belief with new opportunity seekers all the time:

If a recruiter, HR person or hiring manager at a company you’re interviewing with gives you a hard time about the brevity of your employment with each company you’ve work for in, say, the past 5-10 years, politely thank them for their time, and either find another avenue into the company of your dreams, or just keep looking because in all likelihood that employer is not going to provide the right environment for YOU anyway.

Lots more on this from the delightfully outspoken “Penelope Trunk.” Her spot-on post from Brazen Careerist is titled, “Why Job Hoppers Make the Best Employees.” A favorite reason from her post:

“Job hoppers are higher performers.” Exactly….I know many of you will enjoy her other reasons, so please read and share her post because we must band together to stop the old schoolers from preventing some of the best employees out there from getting hired!

I’m going to end this post with her closing paragraph:

It is okay to quit. No career is interesting if it’s not engaging and challenging, and your most important job is to find that — over and over. Do not settle for outdated workplace models that accept complacency and downplay self-knowledge. Sure, the job market is tough nowadays – but that’s no reason to settle.

I couldn’t agree more, so please do your part and share this post with friends you have that are tired of hearing, “They have concerns about your job history. Can you explain the last 10 years of your career?” REALLY?!

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