Here’s how to ask someone to work for equity

17 02 2010

How do you ask someone to work for equity? You spell at least some of it out and include it in your ad, email, position description or posting. For example (this is from an actual job description I recently received):

For the first 6 months, while we are raising capital, compensation is primarily in the form of equity in the company.  We will be offering full and part time options. After 6 months the position will be salaried.

Full time work (5 days/week) will be compensated with equity in the company and a $25K bonus at the end of the initial 6-month period. In an effort to be flexible and engage highly qualified individuals, we also offer part-time work (4 days/week), which will be compensated with a smaller ownership stake in the company allowing time for other pursuits.

THIS is an offer I’d be willing to consider. If you had the flexibility, would you? More on this topic HERE.

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