How do recruiters find you?

29 01 2010

How do recruiters find you?How do recruiters find you? They find you by networking with you.

I thought I’d share this list of responsibilities from a job description for a recruiter because anyone looking for work needs to know HOW recruiters “source” talent. I also decoded the acronyms or references that I thought might stump some of you:

– Identifying, networking and maintaining relationships with key candidates and candidate communities for long-term opportunities.
– Uncovering and nurturing talent in traditional and hard to reach forums (i.e. job boards, blogs, alumni groups, conference attendee lists, personal home pages.etc).
– Tracking and cataloging candidate development activity and their movement within the industry.
– Tracking candidate resource availability.
– Develop and implement CRM (Candidate Resource Management) activities utilizing an ATS (applicant tracking system).
– Identifying, posting and managing roles on niche job boards, industry groups, blogs, SIGS (special interest groups)/LIGS (local interest groups) and social networks.
– Conducting pre-screening interviews. (info interviews)
– Providing continuous research of potential candidates through a wide variety of sourcing channels (including LinkedIn).
– Contacting qualified leads to discuss their career aspirations and assess potential fit for the company.
– Filling the pipeline with pre-screened and/or pre-qualified candidates.

Clearly, it pays to network and cultivate relationships with recruiters!

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29 01 2010
Lori Roberts Prutsman

God love you sister! This is a great write-up! It is so true!
Lori Roberts Prutsman
Founder & Secret Weapon
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