Reid Hoffman is right

5 05 2009

In a recent Inc. online article, Reid Hoffman, the CEO/Founder of LinkedIn, provided his reply to their “How I Did It” column. I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn (how could I not be — their tag line is Relationships Matter), so I’m sharing a few of my favorite quotes below:

“This is one of the things I love about entrepreneurship. You’re encountering new challenges, and you have to learn at a very fast rate.”

The power of the Internet is to accelerate the way you do business. I was very interested in this whole notion of each of us as individual professionals who are on the Internet and how that changes the way we do business, our careers, our brand identity.”

You have to think of yourself as an organism competing with other organisms in an ecosystem. It’s about how you fit into the world around you. The modern world is moving fast, and you have to move at that speed.”

“In a boom, employers are really hunting for a good person, and they’re using LinkedIn. And during a bust, people on the other side are looking for a good opportunity. Part of the way you stay current as a professional is sharing information and tips on what’s going on in your industry, current best practices. That’s how you learn.”

In that last quote, he’s clearly talking about participating in groups and discussions, and if you’d like to stick your toe in the water, I’ve started one called Bella Domain Networking. Check it out HERE.

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