Why a Climate Policy Primer?

29 04 2009

Because crafting a comprehensive climate bill will be on the table in the coming weeks as our elected officials in WDC start debating climate policy legislation, President Obama no doubt knew that he needed to break it down in simple terms in his Earth Day speech for Congress, as well as the masses. Clearly, it’s critical that our elected officials thoroughly understand what’s involved, and, if you, like me, don’t want to just hope for the best on this, why not send them something to help educate them?

What you ask? Thanks to the SVP event we attended last night, that was hosted by Aaron Fairchild of G2B Ventures, I have just the thing….

The brilliant folks at Sightline Institute already wrote, and have made available, a handy Climate Policy Primer doc you can download via the link below for forwarding to your state representatives. It’s called, “Cap and Trade 101: A Climate Policy Primer.”  Check it out and please spread the word!



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