Speaking of white papers

13 04 2009

Just read an Online Media Daily Q&A with Steve Patrizi, the head of ad sales for LinkedIn. Some background here…I met Steve after his keynote presentation at the BMA event I attended in Chicago last November and was so impressed I invited him to come to Seattle to speak at the upcoming MarketSmart conference here on May 15, 2009.  It turned out Steve was booked, but we’re very lucky to have Torrey Lincoln presenting in his stead.LinkedIn Lapel Pin anyone?

Now, back to the Q&A…it appears Steve and his super smart cohorts are working on something I’d definitely recommend watching for since conducting my own networking white paper experiments in March & April.

For the curious, so far, I have had over 400 downloads, an offer to include the entire HR version in an upcoming book titled “The Unwritten HR Rules” (by the former VP of HR of PepsiCo), AND the single highest visit day (today!) at 504 views and counting! (UPDATE: the final count for 04/13/09 – 605!)

You can read the entire interview here, but what I was especially geeked to read was this:

One new area that we have just started exploring is white paper distribution. A lot of companies have been doing that for a long time, and it’s a good lead-generation vehicle. The first phase of this is simply using our ad server to run ads targeting certain members to say ‘here’s a white paper you might be interested in.’ The next wave will allow for more searchable database activity and virally distributing white papers.

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