Having trouble with Space Invaders?

7 04 2009

A timely and worthwhile discussion is taking place around this essay by 2 folks in the “high tech practice” at McKinsey (Soumitra Dutta and Matthew Fraser) regarding the subject of current behaviors around social networking.  If you feel as if your space is being invaded via some of today’s on-line tools like Facebook and LinkedIn, then you should read the “Conversation Starter” via a free registration on the McKinsey site. I definitely recommend it, but also want to share that some of the comments from the international readership are clearly just as discussion worthy.

I’m loving how much I’m seeing the “R” word (as in reciprocate) in this conversation, and this comment by Deborah Frangquist from San Fran in particular, “The basic rules of networking apply just as much online as in person: give more than you ask for, give before you ask, cultivate win-win relationships.”  Sounds a little like my recent white paper, doesn’t it? 🙂

NOTE:  You can request a copy of our new April white paper titled, “12 Rules of Networking for 2009” via THIS LINK and please feel free to share it. This version is for everyone, not just the HR pros.  That one is still available, just contact us for details.

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