Timing, Relationships and Connections are….

30 03 2009

“In today’s business world, your success is not always predicated on hard work, education and experience. They help, but timing, relationships and connections are paramount to success.” — “Big George” Armistead

Rainmaker is a bit of a dated term in today’s business world, but the function someone in this role performs is still very relevant. Businesses need rain, and so do individuals, especially if they’re 1099 contractors or searching for a new job.

Thanks to my newish friend Geoff, I learned about an individual referred to as a rainmaker in Nashville, TN. His name is  “Big George” and I’ve decided to make him just a little more famous.

In 2004, the Nashville Business Journal featured an article by Brian Forrester titled “Making Rain.” You can find it here, but my hands down favorite quote is the one listed above. And, one of the observations I have after reading the article is that most of the people I know that serve in this role today actually DO have the business skills to match their personal skills. After learning about the remarkable rainmaker that is “Big George,” I am happy to say that it appears the role IS evolving. Now, we just need to come up with a new name for it….hmmm, is it Networking Strategist? What others descriptors are people using these days?

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31 03 2009

More and more of my colleagues are being called Client Liaisons. I like it, I appreciate, it, I get it. The inferred meaning is that it’s not about what “you” can do for me, but what we can do for one another.

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