Are you flexing your digital muscle?

25 03 2009

Bella Domain clients typically fit one of two profiles.  The first are early-stage execs that are in need of an extra set of skilled biz dev or marketing hands to dig-in and explore new opportunities, programs, channels or partners.  These folks typically know how to flex their digital muscle already and mainly need help with strategy and/or execution.

The second are solopreneurs focused on maintaining the delicate balance of actually delivering services to their clients (usually word-of-mouth referrals), and doing their best to try to market and promote their business so that they’re continually filling their pipeline with prospective new clients.  In most cases, the latter is easier said than done.

For the solopreneurs, I found a helpful USA Today article on using today’s tools to take your biz to another level by finding some “workout partners” (like me!) to help you flex your digital muscle. And, if you’re in the solopreneurs category, and also happen to have a Web 1.0 site, in what is a Web 2.0 world, well on its way to being a Web 3.0 world, definitely feel free to contact me. In most cases, I can provide the social networking and/or website help you probably need.



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