Networking for HR Professionals…the White Paper

17 03 2009

Many of you know me to be a networking enthusiast and “Connector” (Tipping Point/Gladwell reference), as well an experienced marketer and business development pro.  Well, recently I was asked to author a white paper where I offer 12 Rules of Networking for HR industry professionals.  As Bella Domain’s principal consultant, the originator of the Social Capital Assessment, and the current VP of Networking for one of the largest chapters of the American Marketing Association, it actually made sense to me that I was tapped for this worthwhile task.  Besides, me resist a soapbox? No way. Additionally, as some of you may also know, I am a HR industry vet with experience as an executive level outsourced HR services provider as well as an executive manager of in-house HR.

For some, it’ll be a refresher, but for all, this white paper will offer some valuable insights on what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do as you’re out there working hard to build good social capital while growing and nurturing your valuable network. You’ll also learn why you might want to become a “pay it forward” focused person, in addition to how to be more memorable while putting forth all that effort.

Please check out our Networking page or click HERE TO REQUEST THE FREE PDF of this informative 6-page white paper and don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you, your company or association with either your on-line (i.e. LinkedIn) or off-line networking.

Final note:  Be sure to watch for the webinar and videos on this topic coming to a desktop, on LinkedIn or via an iPhone near you soon!



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