Think differently about your job search

5 03 2009

I don’t usually write posts about job search strategies on this blog (I save that for Facebook and LinkedIn), but because I can’t avoid having job search conversations everywhere I go these days, I thought I’d share some of the more unconventional and thought-provoking articles I’ve come across lately.  Give these a read and see if you don’t come away with a few new ideas about your own search.  And, if you’re not looking, but have a friend or two in a search slump right now, please share this post with them. If nothing else, maybe it will get them to think at least a little differently about how they’re approaching their search.

Seth Godin’s post on chucking your resume (Quotes of note: “A resume is an excuse to reject you.”

“Great jobs, world class jobs, jobs people kill for… those jobs don’t get filled by people emailing in resumes. Ever.”)

Peter Bregman’s advice (and I agree) to Stop looking so hard (Quotes of note: “Your resumé is not going to get you a job.” “Finding a job or new clients is all about human relationships.”)



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13 03 2009
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