Declaring email bankruptcy

6 02 2009

Like Wade Roush of Xconomy, I’m not one of those people who think you can measure a person’s power, talent, or importance by the number of e-mails or phone calls they get every day. In fact, when people talk about how many unopened emails they have in their inbox, I usually lump them into the same group of people that all too eagerly tell others how much money they make.

However, since 2005 my Gmail inbox had swelled to just over 13,000 messages, when I read his post, I knew it was time to act. And, since there were only 475 unopened messages within that, and most of those were likely opened and skimmed via my Treo, I decided I am not going to sweat taking this action.  I’ll let y’all know how it goes, but if you’ve recently sent me something that really needs a reply, please resend it! 🙂



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