Need to create new opportunities?

24 11 2008

I recently delivered Bella Domain’s first “Learning to Love LinkedIn” group training for five of the execs on the sales team at Columbia Hospitality in Seattle.  It really was a lot of fun (for them and me), and since this was the second time a business contact approached me about coming to their offices to teach their team how to learn to love LinkedIn, I took it as a sign that it is time to run with this training program.

I’m now officially offering a two hour training session (see my Consulting Services page) to help others learn how they can leverage this valuable tool for their BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT efforts. And, as a result of my first class, I even have a glowing new reco on LinkedIn. How can you help? Well, I need to start promoting it, so please help me get the word out.

While this is a B2B service, I am also offering a personalized one hour 1:1 session for individuals with a focus on their own career management.  Contact me for more info and thanks for spreading the word!



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