Got some more ink, well, pixels

15 11 2008

How crazy is this? I help a friend and find myself in print again. This time, I said “sure” when a former colleague contacted me about doing an interview for a column sponsored by PayScale, a company I once did some consulting work for when we first moved to Seattle.  I knew I was helping them out by providing what I imagined could be some compelling content, and thought that it would be fun to see what, if anything, came of it.  I did the interview via phone while in my hotel room in Chicago last week, and without much delay, the interview ran and today I received my first email from a reader looking for some advice.

If you’re curious, the candid interview appeared in the AOL/CareerBuilder column “Confessions of a” which you can check out here.  Be prepared though, this interview is not about my marketing or biz dev consulting, it is about a little known (not for long?) spa consulting biz I started a few years ago which also has a blog at  A screen shot from the AOL teaser was fun too:  undercover_spa1



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