PIFing in book form

5 10 2008

Because I wrote a description of Bella Domain’s PIF Parties for my friend Andrea, and she then included it in her new book “Power Referrals,” I knew I had to come up with a really good way to pay it forward. (Note: with my blessing, she also wrote about the concept of social capital, but in her book she referred to it as “social currency.” If you check out the book, please do let me know what you think of her spin on it.)

I also knew it would be wise to leverage the mention and exposure for Bella Domain and me. The answer came in the form of a fund-raising book titled “How to Have a PIF Party.” And, because this month (October) is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a portion of net profits from sales of this book will be going to Breast Cancer education & advocacy via Breast Cancer Action (bcaction.org).

For those that are curious, I was able to self-publish the book, thanks to photographic & graphic design help from my awesome hubby Keith, and by utilizing software from Blurb.com. I really wish I could recommend their software, but I just can’t because it crashed at least once almost every time I used it for longer than a half hour. It was painful.

As of this writing, I’ve sold 3 books, which translates to about $3.00 towards a donation to BCA. Maybe you can start a new “pay it forward” by helping me get the word out about my “How to Have a PIF Party” book? I’m really hoping to send along a slightly larger check. 🙂 Thank you!

P.S. You can use the Preview feature on Blurb to take a sneak peek and then please place an order if you’re so inclined…

UPDATE:  a great article and related link on supporting those diagnosed with cancer.



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12 10 2008
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