Knowing Pains…the book

19 09 2008

I recently learned that a Bay Area friend of mine contributed to a soon-to-be-released and fabulous-sounding new book called Knowing Pains
Cover image of Knowing Pains
I love the concept, title and overall goodness of this book and can’t wait to read it!  You can (and should!) buy it on Amazon because 100% of all net profits will be donated to Breast Cancer Action ( to support breast cancer education and advocacy. The book is officially launching in October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so that’s definitely the month in which to buy it!

Some interesting and somewhat alarming statistics among the essayists featured in the book:

* 89% have been personally impacted by the breast cancer epidemic.
* 56% have had a family member with the disease.
* 37% have had breast cancer, or a breast cancer scare.

I would have happily contributed to this book and am inspired by all the women that did.  I also really like the mission behind the Breast Cancer Action group and am including this link to help others find out how to become a member.  Won’t you join me in supporting sales of this book and/or membership? Maybe it would make a great holiday gift for some of the gal pals in your life?

Please help spread the word!



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