Not just during a downturn though

18 09 2008

I found this fascinating quote today:

1) Partner with other businesses – Proactively creating strategic partnerships is a great way to generate new leads and build long-term momentum. The trick is to do it ways that are win-win and simple for all parties. Number one rule, only seek marketing partnerships with organizations that you would have no problem referring your best customer too. Adhering to that logical rule alone will make this strategy more effective. Creating motivated strategic partners is simple if you can find a way to tap their self-interest. Take them an effective white paper or seminar idea and let them co-brand and co-sponsor it. That way they have a ready made and logical way to partner with you and you’ve done all the work.Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing, Sep 2008

You should read the whole article. Good stuff. The author is giving this advice as 1 of 7 ways to dig out of a recession (or “economic downturn” ), but most of us know that proactively partnering is something to pay attention to all the time.



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