Get it in writing

11 08 2008

An interesting discussion about the importance of getting things in writing took place on the Seattle Tech Startups (STS) list-serve recently.  The discussion pertained to business partners that had failed to get a commission expectation for introductions and assistance in writing.  I’m a big believer in this practice as many folks with whom I have worked have experienced.  Perhaps it’s because I worked side-by-side with a few too many attorneys in my past corporate life, or maybe because I, or people close to me have learned the hard way, but whatever the reason, I cannot recommend it enough.  It’s especially critical between “friends” because that’s where things can really get murky, and the stakes are higher.  I believe that putting it in writing helps keep things objective and all in involved on the same page.  Isn’t that a good thing?  See this blog post for support of this idea as well.



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