Does Seattle Have A Soul?

30 06 2008

Howard Shultz’s 2007 reference to “soul” in relation to Starbucks stores sure got me thinking back then and it continues to pop into my mind these days.

Can you help me explain or describe the Soul of Seattle? Does Seattle have a soul? How would you describe it?  Where or how can someone see it or experience it? And when I say Seattle, I mean the whole Puget Sound area, including the East side.

I have my own answers to these questions, but would really like to hear from others. I realize that being born and raised in Chicago, maybe I’m slightly obsessed with the concept of a place having a soul, but I don’t think so. I do think having a soul matters and is totally worth discussing. Therefore, please share this post with people likely to comment and do comment yourself when you have a minute.  Thanks for taking the time.



One response

30 06 2008

It DOES have a soul…and it’s going STRAIGHT to HELL.

Oh, I’m just kidding.

Seattle’s soul is a passive-aggressive Nordic backpacker who likes gadgets and doesn’t really like to talk to strangers.

As opposed to Detroit’s soul, which is, “I really like you, man, but if you don’t get in the right lane, I’m going to shoot you.”

hee hee

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