Find yourself a coach

25 06 2008

While it’s no secret that I do quite a bit of informal career and life coaching (a friend recently said she referred someone to me saying I was “the best cheerleader in the world” – wow!), I am not a coach and don’t want to play one on TV. I am, however, as another friend said, “A passion hunter.”

My focus is on identifying people that are seriously passionate about their vision (whatever it may be), and then I help them develop execution strategies to realize what’s possible. My mantra is always, “Go figure out what it is YOU want and then come see me so I can help you figure out HOW to get it.” I truly like being on that side of things best. When I’m doing that, I’m in the zone. This can mean only good things for you and what you want.

So, if you need help finding a coach, you can ask me because I do know one or two really good ones (or, heck, come meet one at a PIF party), but if you’d like a bigger selection to choose from, check out this site for assistance. You’ll find every class of coach and they’re apparently all pre-screened and somehow vetted. They even offer coaches for people with ADD/ADHD. Hmmmm…in this day of too many gadgets, I know quite a few people that could REALLY use one of those! 😉



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