Just call me consiglieri?

16 04 2008

I knew what a consiglieri was thanks to the 10 or more times I’ve watched The Godfather movies (1 & 2, of course, and yes, I stopped counting). However, it never occurred to me to identify or market myself as one until I read a LinkedIn reco on a friend of a friend’s profile page. In a nutshell, a consiglieri is the Italian term for an adviser or counsellor (as in someone who gives advice about problems, not an attorney). A definition on Wikipedia referred to it as “Consigliere personale — personal adviser.” Here’s the rest of The Godfather laden definition from Wikipedia, let me know what you think about using this as a tag or descriptor. I can get behind what it means in general, of course, and because I am half Italian, but am slightly concerned that it sounds a tad macho?



One response

17 04 2008

Consiglieri, combined with sherpa, trusted adviser, skilled business partner…and it has a nice ring! 🙂

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