My 3 Starbucks freebies

11 04 2008

Today, I submitted what I consider 3 freebie Ask SandyJK answers to their “Got a great idea?” site and have already seen at least one other comment that’s in agreement with the “No Need to Say Thank You” policy Sbux appears to support:

3 ideas from BellaD:

First off, the login from my registration should have populated the login when I was redirected to the Got an Idea site.

2nd, happy that y’all finally came up with a motivator to get people to register their cards (besides tracking just how much serious coin we are spending w/Sbux) in the form of free “extras” etc, but you really need to take it a step further.  It’s time to add $5 for every $100 spent or better yet $5 for every $50 loaded, etc.  People should GET SOMETHING for their loyalty to your brand, company, employees, etc.

3rd – train partners to say “THANK YOU” instead of the all too common, “here ya go” or “there ya go” or “have a good one.” none of these are acceptable until AFTER a thank you (for spending your money here instead of Tully’s, Caribou, Peets, etc) has been said.  What is the deal with this?  It happens all the time, in most any location or city….sad.  Premium products require premium service to go along with the purchase experience.

Glad you’ve started this program!  SJK



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