Proud to say…

9 04 2008

I’m proud to say that this list describes me pretty darn well…too bad the opportunity that corresponds to it is in SoCal….sorry John!

  • Seasoned business professional with a solid grounding in marketing, sales, business development, partnerships, negotiations, strategy, problem solving and business intelligence with a minimum of 10 years of client relationship management experience.
  • Entrepreneurial: Highly motivated, imaginative, and resourceful; a self-starter.
  • Aggressive: Embraces challenge; a reasoned risk-taker.
  • Highly-Confident: A persona developed over time by consistent over-achievement. This attribute reflects the substance of the individual that attracts the trust of both client and colleague versus any sense of arrogance.
  • Highly-Competent: An expert in relationship management with a core competency of marketing; intelligently effective cross marketer of other products.
  • Flexible; Intellectually curious
  • Committed: Energized and energizing.
  • Ability to identify a qualified client’s needs and introduce the appropriate supporting professional(s) to address the situation.
  • Knowledge of marketing disciplines and tactics including social media, interactive/online, traditional, affiliates and co-op.
  • Ability to set and meet corporate and new business objectives.
  • A working knowledge of local markets.
  • Excellent communications skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • An ambitious and fairly competitive individual who thrives in a team environment.
  • High personal standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Superior business development skills.



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