Paying It Forward

26 01 2008

Many thanks to those that attended last night’s PIF Party! Hopefully, some of you had some great conversations, and, thanks to other PIF party attendees, maybe even found help with whatever you needed like job search ideas, personal trainer referrals, prospective clients for your biz, people to attend your singles party or read your blog, etc. Looking forward to seeing you at the next one! P.S. Venue didn’t warrant mention due to no gesture of a drink special offered for group and what I’d call a lukewarm response from co-owner. Waitress was great though!

[If you’re not sure what a Pay It Forward Party is, this wikipedia entry should help.]



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26 01 2008

Those photos look awesome! So sorry I missed Eric Weaver, I can’t believe he was there and I didn’t see him. Really enjoyed chatting w/all of you. Promised I’d follow up with singer-songwriter Linda Seay to connect her to composer Matt Hutchinson (they missed each other at the event). Can’t wait for the next one, where I’ll grab the camera and take some pix of our gorgeous facilitator.

29 01 2008

What a great event. I am really looking forward to the next one. The entire vibe of the event was fun — from the do-it-yourself nametags to the flavor of Local Vine to the great group. Really enjoyed the evening and met and chatted with some excellent people.

30 01 2008

PIF parties….a wonderful concept.
I know a number of people who will truly benefit from a new perspective like this.


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