learn from those that have gone before you

9 01 2008

Was working with my pal Stan at Sbux yesterday when he shared that a friend/new acquaintance of his is working on Divvy here in Seattle. The site’s just a landing page right now, but since I’d heard about the concept for the site when I was doing some biz dev strategy contract work with Paladin Partners this summer, I was intrigued to hear what they were up to at this point.

He shared that one of the challenges currently being researched involved how they’ll deal with damage to items that get borrowed or shared. I thought for a minute and then offered that they should look at and/or contact another local Seattle start-up called Bag, Borrow or Steal to see what they’ve learned about it.

One of the really great things about the Seattle startup scene is that people are fairly willing to share lessons learned and such. Hope Stan passes my suggestion onto his contact at Divvy and that anyone else reading this thinks about reaching out to those that have gone before you too.



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