"How do you not know this?!"

17 12 2007

As some of you have heard, “How Do You Not Know This?!” is the working title of the book I have been writing these past few months. In brief, this is a book that explains some key parables that will hopefully help the reader navigate the world with a little more ease and a lot more humor. The book proposal is about 60% done, and, much to my surprise, I have more than a few chapters started.

Once I nail down descriptions for each of the 10 (and counting) chapters, I will be on the lookout for people willing to talk about examples they are open to sharing or participate in an interview with me. I can either identify you by first name in the book or not. It’ll be your call.

A few of you have asked if this book is about the concepts of Pay It Forward or Social Capital, and I guess in some ways it is, because if you don’t know some of this stuff, it’s kind of hard to build good/healthy social capital in your life. However, in other ways, those 2 concepts have aligned as subject matter for an entirely different book altogether, so stay tuned. And thanks for all the support & encouragement so far!



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26 01 2008

I’m looking forward to hearing more about your work on this book. Seems like there’s definitely a need and a place for some “real life”wisdom out there in the big bad world.
Good Luck & keep us posted on your progress.

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