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12 10 2007

Something you’ll soon be hearing more from me about is the concept of social capital. In a nutshell, social capital refers to the connections within and between social networks. Thanks to developments in information technology, there’s been a dramatic rise in the formation of social capital and I’ll soon be offering ways I can help you assess as well as enhance yours.



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25 11 2007

Social Capital definition for those that are curious:

Social Capital – Referring to connections within and between social networks. Supports the belief that “it’s who you know,” as well as “what you know” that makes a difference in your life and business or career.

Social capital is a term originally associated with sociology concepts. Today, it speaks to the resources such as information, ideas or support that individuals are able to procure by virtue of their relationships with other people.

Social Capital Assessment – An in depth audit of the social networks of an individual or business. Usually includes the development of a social capital enhancement strategy and action plan.

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