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1 08 2007

What a great weekend/vacation we’ve had with my dear friend Maria! She was visiting us from WDC where she’s lived for the past 7 years after leaving Chicago. The weather cooperated like no ones business and we are rested and even a little tan. As she said, she’s the only person she knows that visited Seattle and is heading back east with a tan! And, as we all know, that’s Seattle’s little secret…which we kept being reminded not to tell people throughout the weekend both on Vashon and while at Pike Place market Friday morning.

For a low-key and easy weekend away check out this groovy map which was key in helping us plan and explore. Wish we could reco the place we stayed at, but it was a tad too old school for us in spite of the views it offered AND the spiders were a tad too BIG. Ack! We can, however, definitely recommend Cafe Luna for delicious lattes and amazing Lavender Lemonade, and Ferrara Restaurant which we SO wish was located in Seattle instead of on Vashon Island. It was fantastic!



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1 08 2007

I’ll never forget the 3 bald eagles we watched at close proximity – their nest was right above the cottage! We also learned about the baby Orca named Springer that the Vashon Islanders saved…


3 08 2007
Mama Says

A tan in Seattle? Are you sure it isn’t rust? – W

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